First Blush.

Shoes. The color of the season ladies.. BLUSH!
Pro's: Killer Color
Makes your legs look sunkissed and tan..
Polish color on your toes will stand out ...
TONS of choices for your blush shoes this Spring/Summer!
Wedges, heels, flats- Whatever your feet desire. There is a blush shoe out there for YOU!!!
Try these:
Steve Madden Riddgge (Blush Pat)  Found On: http://www.stevemadden.com/

Cute and Comfy! Wedges are always a great alternative to a heel.
A little more casual, more comfortable, but you can still
dress it up!
Happy Shopping XO


  1. I'm a bridesmaid this summer and these are actually the shoes we got :) haha too funny! I love them!

  2. Right on kk! Love those shoes,but what should an old lady wear to stay fashionable and still comfy? Hmm... Earthies!! Can't wait to get mine in the mail!

  3. Hannah, I have these shoes too! They are so comfy... You'll love them after the wedding too!! XO

    Mom, Thats right!! XO

  4. I know I am tempted to wear them everyday...but I gotta save them for the wedding! Haha then I'm sure they will be my go to wedges! I love that you featured them :)!!