Friends, Followers, Bloggers, & World Wide Web-
I am sorry about the delay of my blogs. I have been trying to blog in my spare time  in between lots of school, homework, projects, work, etc. I have been burried in things to do and I try to whip a blog out at night, just to come to find out that the day of everything I had to do made me so sleepy- that my eyes only have slits in them big enough only to see the keyboard in front of me, and my brain has turned off. As my friends are withdrawling from class (because it's too much to handle) I find myself trying to organize my school work, and even my life. I love to blog, but I don't want to come out with anything not worth seeing or reading about. Please bare with me, I promise to provide you with something fabulous!! Hopefully 3 a week, that is my goal!! Although I only have a few followers :) I still want to make all of you happy!! Thank you for reading my blogs, listening to my tips, and being SO supportive, I love doing this. But this college girl has a lot going on, and I am doing my very best. Thank you for your understanding, and as always... Happy Shopping XO

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