I am loving the 15 page sale online at Urban Outfitters.
 It is so fun to look at their fun things, and fill your shopping cart full of these lovely items- not to mention at a great price!!
 Here are a few things I thought I would share with you.
Who knows maybe these pieces will be added to your closet.

Sparkle & Fade Wide Stripe Tee Tunic
$9.99 (was $39.99)

 This wide stripe tee is comfy and fun! This shirt is long enough to look cute with leggings! I would pair this tee up with dark skinny jeans, red nail polish, black flats and a messenger bag! Super cute!!!

Pins and Needles 3/4 Sleeve Scalloped Lace Top
$19.99 (was $39.00) 

Lace tops are my staple items! I love the big lace look and the cut of this top. With this shirt, you should not only put a tank underneath, but also pair it with dark denim. To dress it up, tuck this top in to a high waist skirt, belt it, and throw on some heels!

 Truly Madly Deeply Conversational Pullover Sweatshirt
$9.99 (was $34.00)

At first this dog sweatshirt my look a little crazy looking!! But, hold your thoughts, OK?! Because some of the strangest pieces can become cute go-to items. These strange pieces, that end up being cute are found few-and-far-between. So, if you're dying for a fun item like this. Don't even think about splurging- because you can find cute wacky pieces like this one for a great price, and then when it goes out of style... You won't feel the guilt. You'll only be feeling the love.

Happy Shopping XO


  1. I absolutely love the striped oversize tee!!! Soo cute :)

  2. Get it guuuurlll.. It's only 9.99!!! Sale- So fabulous... Glad you love it :)

  3. I love the striped shirt and the lace too! I'm loving all the lace that's back in style. I have some awesome vintage pieces that I would have normally skipped over

    And I love the new layout of the website! Very cute! :)

    Rachel xoxoxo