Don't do this...

I have to admit, there are times when I wake up in the morning (maybe even a little late..) pass over SO many cute things in my closet because I either want to "save that adorable outfit for some other time" or I "don't want to ruin that shirt" So... I know other ladies must do that sometimes too... STOP it! The best time to wear that outfit, is NOW! Wearing a outfit YOU love not only makes you look great, but also gives you the confidence to do your best in that 8am class, at work, or in whatever you do!! You can feel the difference, so wear that outfit like I know you can! XO


  1. You are so right KK. No more going to class in sweats anymore!

  2. hahahahahhahah yeah what tanner said

  3. I didnt say that. Some is hacking me. I'm all about the sweats. This is chill. Kuwk is two thumbs up