Outfit #1

Cute outfit we've got here! Electric blue looks great on blondes or brunettes. The dark chocolate brown belt ties the outfit together. (Remember that brown always looks awesome with blue!) The high waisted short skirt gives the illusion of longer legs. This outfit shows off the beauty of her arms and legs without showing too much skin. You can find skirts like this at FOREVER 21 for a great price, and in different colors if you're not feeling the electric blue this season. I would go with a simpler top than the one we have here.. You could find a very simple and cute tank at the GAP. Keep it gray if you have brown hair, and cream is a good idea if you're a blonde! Happy Shopping! XO (Source: http://theclaudiacampain.tumblr.com/)


  1. I love this skirt! I'm so happy you have a blog! Now we can be blogger friends :)

  2. I looked for the skirt on forever21 and couldn't find it. Where is it??

  3. Yes , me too ! I love the skirt but could not find it on Forever 21 either.

  4. where do I find that top? Because it is adorable.