What's in my make up bag?

Some beauty products have failed. Some have stolen my heart. 
Some I will never give up. Some I will part.

What's in my make up bag? Now you will know.
I'm sure you wake up beautiful, and now you'll also glow.

#1. Smashbox- Photo Finish Primer
#2. Bobbi Brown- Bronzer
#3. Covergirl- LashBlastVolume Mascara
#4. MAC- Creamsheen Glass

#5. Benefit- Erase Paste
#6. Laura Mercier- Tinted Moisturizer
#7. Nars- Shadow Pencil
#8. Urban Decay- Naked Basics Eye Shadow
#9. Bobbi Brown- Blush
#10. Tip- Never have more than 10 beauty items in your make up bag. Simple as that.

Enjoy, Kendal

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